Natu Myers
Natu Myers, head consultant at Natu Innovations Inc. helps executives at blockchain/crypto companies to empower their customers become masters at blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investing with analyses, interviews, and educational content. Cryptocurrency companies being evaluated also get the opportunity to better reach prospective investors.

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Natu Innovations worked with to scale their users to over a thousand paying investors and positive cash flow. Their network expands to 100,000 investors in over 54 countries. Alt-coins with great potential are reported on and evaluated. 
Natu Innovations worked with Trade Duel, a trading simulator app to help their users understand which cryptocurrency assets have massive future potential. 
Natu Innovations worked with Blockchain Impact, a blockchain advisory firm to help new companies with initial coin offerings build pitch decks and resonate their message to prospective investor pools.
Why am I nick-named "Crypto Athlete"?
To me, gaining physical mastery of oneself is one of life's greatest blessings that can transfer to all aspects of life.
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